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      Brokerage & Dealing

      We purchase and sell stocks on behalf of our clients including individuals, corporate bodies, religious organizations, government agencies, pension funds, and other institutional investors.

      We assure you of a prompt response and our ability to execute big ticket deals.

      Stockbrokers to Public Issues

      Stock Exchange Quotation: We package and sponsor application for listing of companies on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

      We also act as a channel of communication between the issuing house and The Nigerian Stock Exchange.

      Marketing: Considering our broad based clientele structure, our experience and understanding of the market, we offer tremendous marketing support to our clients on public offers.

      Advisory Services: We offer advisory services on capital restructuring and quotation matters that are very germane to the success of our clients on public offer viz –

      • Appropriate capital structure
      • Level of capitalization required
      • Right mix of capital market instruments
      • Infrastructure and environmental factors
      • Market sentiments and indices etc.

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      Portfolio Management

      The focus of Tower Securities & Investment Company Limited is to assemble the appropriate mix of investment instruments that best meet our client requirements in terms of safety, tenor and yield.

      Given the needs and preferences of the investor, Tower Securities will work out a suitable basket of money and capital market instruments with short, medium to long term maturity. The structure of the mix is informed by a thorough in-depth analysis of trends as prospects in various industrial sectors and the general economic situation.

      In general, Tower Securities adopts an investment policy that provides the highest yield over the anticipated period of investment with in-built flexibility for rationalization, in line with possible economic changes in order to avoid a depreciation of the value of the investment.

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      Funds Management
      Funds Management

      Our approach to the management of funds under this scheme is to ensure a minimum interest rate above that which is obtainable in the market.

      Thus the funds shall be invested in the capital and/or money market instruments that will promise optimum returns and safety of the investments.

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      Money Market Activities
      Money Market Activities

      Our package in the money market covers essentially:

      • Placement of Funds at competitive money market rates
      • Packaging and marketing of BA(s) and CP(s)
      • Purchase and sales of treasury Bills and CBN certificates

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      Office: Plot 11, Diya Street (Opposite GTBank)
      Gbagada, Lagos, Nigeria
      P.O. Box 1288 Marina, Lagos
      Telephone: +234 802 3058 152
      Email: info@towersecng.com

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